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What are the Goals of Marketing and Public Relations?

Marketing and public relations encompass far more than advertising and selling. From small businesses to large corporations, marketing and public relations play a vital role in the success of a company’s communications strategies. But what exactly are the goals of marketing and public relations?

Consumers act upon their perception of facts. The goals of marketing and public relations are to influence these perceptions in ways that cause consumers to have a favorable attachment to your vision, products and services. In short, marketing and public relations efforts help get you noticed by your potential customer base. Who are you? What does your business offer? Why should people care about your services? These questions can all be addressed through marketing and public relations efforts.

Why is Brand Management so Important?

Brand management is one of the most crucial elements of marketing. Building and maintaining brands are the most important tasks marketers undertake. A brand communicates consistency and quality in the marketplace. The role of marketing and public relations in promoting and retaining brand awareness cannot be underestimated: Consistent, quality messages about a business, its products and services are key parts of raising and maintaining consumer awareness.

Businesses spend both time and money investing in their brand identity, but these efforts can be undermined with one improperly managed branding episode. Marketing and public relations efforts can strengthen brand identity and help mitigate negative “side effects” of branding gone awry.

Communicating positive news—such as promotions, new projects, new clients—is a proactive way of promoting brand awareness. Getting your company news noticed in the media marketplace can help you leverage the power of print and digital communications to ensure you’re reaching your target audience across multiple platforms.

The Power of Cross-Promotion and Multimedia

Today’s marketing and public relations platform is all about cross-promotion and leveraging messages across various communications channels. An integrated marketing and public relations plan should take into account print and online forms. For example, news about your company’s latest product launch can be announced in a press release, distributed through social media channels, promoted in a magazine advertisement or packaged into an online video segment for your website.

An integrated marketing and public relations package uses these media forms to cross-promote one another, ultimately driving consumer traffic to your company.

What are the Tools for Marketing and Public Relations?

A marketer’s tools in the 21st century extend well beyond traditional forms of media. Blogs, social media, e-newsletters and more are just some contemporary avenues a marketer can use to reach media audiences. At Graphcom Creative, we can use several approaches to bring your business message to your target audience.

Marketing and Public Relations Tools


Advertising Campaigns

From concept to design, Graphcom Creative can create an effective advertising campaign and select the best electronic and print media outlets to promote your campaign. Our team works with you to build an advertising campaign that’s unique to your business and that can be promoted through newspapers, magazines and online media outlets.

Press Releases

Need to reach people with timely news? A press release is a cost-effective way to disseminate news and information to consumers, editors and journalists. Graphcom Creative can create your press releases and optimize them for specific major newswires through a national public relations distribution service, PR Web.


Don’t rely on your spell checker to catch incorrect uses of “their,” “they’re” and “there” in your documents. Graphcom Creative’s professional proofreading service can review your website text, brochure copy, PowerPoint presentations, client proposals and other materials to ensure your copy is free of spelling, grammatical and stylistic errors.

Social Media

From blogs to Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn, Graphcom Creative can help you take advantage of major social media outlets. Whether it’s creating a blog to tell your customers about you and your business, using Facebook to connect to your “fans” or getting the news out about your latest project, social media can be used to create an online community focused on helping you create digital conservations with your customers.

Writing Services

In 2004, a National Commission on Writing survey of 120 major corporations affiliated with Business Roundtable, a group of business leaders from more than 150 of America’s top-performing corporations, found that in one-third of the firms that responded to the survey, one-third or fewer of their current and new employees possess the writing skills that companies value.

Graphcom Creative can craft the right message for your business and audience. Advertising copy, brochure text, e-newsletter articles, public information memos and website content are some examples of the writing projects Graphcom Creative can handle. 

Contact a business representative for specific information regarding your marketing and public relations needs.


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