Just a Few Case Studies to Demonstrate What We Can Achieve

It started with a desire to offer clients more with their marketing dollars. In 2009, this desire became reality with the establishment of Graphcom Creative, a full-service marketing and creative firm located in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Today, close to three years later, Graphcom Creative continues to bring fresh, creative solutions to marketing challenges for individuals and businesses in our neighborhood and around the world.

Take a look at some case studies from the list below as we show you what we can achieve with our Graphcom Creative team.

Case Studies

Bar-Ray Products

Graphcom’s relationship with Bar-Ray Products began in the mid-1990s. Bar-Ray Products had been using the services of a local business forms distributor, but this distributor was limited in the print and distribution services it could provide to Bar-Ray Products. Graphcom’s range of printing and in-house mailing services provided Bar-Ray Products more capabilities than what their current distributor could handle. Ultimately, Graphcom acquired the material assets of Bar-Ray’s former forms distributor... read more

The Gettysburg Festival

While the Gettysburg Festival had been working with a marketing firm from 2008-2009, the Festival was looking for creative, graphic design support from an agency that understood publications and was familiar with the Gettysburg area. Specifically, the Festival wanted to expand its reach to key audiences through the development of collateral materials that promoted Festival program offerings... read more

Triple Creek Ranch

Triple Creek Ranch’s property and luxury resort offerings are stunning when experienced in person, but the Ranch management was seeking assistance translating this luxury getaway to marketing materials that successfully branded and positioned the Ranch as a vacation destination. The Ranch had been working with an advertising firm for its marketing pieces, but inconsistencies in presentation prevented the Ranch from creating a cohesive tone and brand across its marketing materials... read more

Volvo Construction Equipment

Highly skilled, highly paid engineers and technical writers were standing at photocopiers or coordinating with suppliers for print. In addition, Volvo Construction Equipment was terribly inefficient in their print production. Large quantities were often ordered from local printers simply to secure a lower price per unit. This created a tremendous amount of spoilage due to obsolescence. In many cases, large quantities of obsolete books had to be destroyed due to an engineering change, or mass mailings of “technical service bulletins” were mailed to customers to alert them of the change. They also had enormous racks filled with various items that needed to ship with the machines, such as engine manuals, safety videos, etc. All of these items were procured from different suppliers and a combination of internal departments “managed” this process... read more

WellSpan Health Gettysburg Hospital

The facility’s document management processes were manual and inefficient. Turnaround time was extremely slow and valuable space was wasted on storage. The hospital also had a problem with form revision, obsolescence and inconsistencies which caused great problems as well as compliance issues. Poor version control and incomplete distribution undermined the functionality of the form... read more

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