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Case Studies

WellSpan Health Gettysburg Hospital

The facility’s document management processes were manual and inefficient. Turnaround time was extremely slow and valuable space was wasted on storage. The hospital also had a problem with form revision, obsolescence and inconsistencies which caused great problems as well as compliance issues. Poor version control and incomplete distribution undermined the functionality of the form... read more

Volvo Construction Equipment

Highly skilled, highly paid engineers and technical writers were standing at photocopiers or coordinating with suppliers for print. In addition, Volvo Construction Equipment was terribly inefficient in their print production. Large quantities were often ordered from local printers simply to secure a lower price per unit. This created a tremendous amount of spoilage due to obsolescence. In many cases, large quantities of obsolete books had to be destroyed due to an engineering change, or mass mailings of “technical service bulletins” were mailed to customers to alert them of the change. They also had enormous racks filled with various items that needed to ship with the machines, such as engine manuals, safety videos, etc. All of these items were procured from different suppliers and a combination of internal departments “managed” this process... read more

White Papers

Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing and public relations encompass far more than advertising and selling. From small businesses to large corporations, marketing and public relations play a vital role in the success of a company’s communications strategies. But what exactly are the goals of marketing and public relations? read more

Graphic Design

Graphic design isn’t an end product; it’s a process that first begins with an assessment of your needs, purpose and audience. First, determine your audience and the purpose for your message. Are you trying to convince, inform or inspire members of your audience? read more

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