The People Behind Our Play

Have a burning creative question or want to chat about a project? We’re all ears!

To reach us by telephone call, 800-669-1664 or email

Name Title Extension Direct Dial
Michelle Boylstein Business Development  ext. x1255 717-542-6207
Kelly Brooks Staff Writer/Editor ext. x1128 717-398-0490
Mark Brooks Business Development ext. x1243 717-253-9459
Jessica Dean Art Director ext. x1106 717-398-0898
Troy Dean Creative Director ext. x1105 717-398-0900
Kristen Duncan Digital Marketer ext. x1125 717-253-9519
Robert Goula Back-End Development Director        ext. x1114 717-398-0903
Kendra Harman Creative Administrative Assistant ext. x1115 717-398-0901
Kristin Hundley Business Development ext. x1231 717-253-9468
Lisa Kaltreider Project Manager ext. x1109 717-398-0904
Alexis Grant Project Manager ext. x1118 717-398-0921
Matt Livelsberger President ext. x1234 717-253-9473
Travis McMaster Development Director ext. x1113 717-398-0908
Krista Scarlett Editor and Writer ext. x1117 717-398-0917
Chelsea Schonhaut Junior Designer ext. x1108 717-398-0533
Caitlin Sieg Business Development ext. x1236 717-253-9491
Missy Utz Project Manager ext. x1107 717-398-0916
Jenny Yingling Marketing & Events Coordinator ext. x1281 717-253-9810
Jenna Zelkowski Senior Designer ext. x1116 717-398-0918

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