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The Graphcom Creative Story

It started with a vision. It turned into a major marketing powerhouse.

Troy Dean is the mastermind behind the operations of Graphcom Creative. His role is to make creative and development meet and play nicely. He has an extremely diverse skill set and can conceptualize and create, as well as develop and build. Troy also has the ability to explain interactivity in a format that even novice users can understand, but is knowledgeable enough to have a conversation with a tenured developer. This is a huge asset when describing what the client wants to a developer or what the developer needs to the client.

After graduating from the Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania, Troy spent seven years at an interactive firm in Frederick, Maryland. He said goodbye to Frederick when he was asked to build a creative team for an in-house design/marketing development department at InvestorPlace Media, just outside of Washington, D.C. He took the reins there and built a 13-person team that revolutionized how InvestorPlace did business. They went from an ink-on-paper, investment advice company, to a leading online voice in investing. After three years with InvestorPlace, Troy was asked by his current employer to do something very similar… this time build a creative/development company that would rival industry leaders. From this Graphcom Creative was born.

Today, over four years after its founding, Graphcom Creative’s award-winning portfolio of projects encompasses the areas of website design and development, mobile interactive development, print design, branding and publications. Representative clients span industries ranging from national health care entities and nonprofit organizations to local and regional businesses and corporations.

Graphcom Creative grows each year and continually develops new ways to provide effective marketing solutions through experience, a talented employee base and a dedicated work ethic.

It’s no small wonder why Our Work Is Our Play. 

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